Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Colombian Huila

I am sorry about the out of order-ness of posting this, but I'm behind on my non-work work. I am also behind on my work-work, but am spot on in both hyphenated-wordiness and XBox One-ificaton.

I roasted some of my Christmas present last week and it ended up being amazing! So I tried to replicate this roast exactly and it looks like I may have been successful.

This roast was extremely easy. I set the stove on #6 and let the roasting chamber warm up to about 300 degrees F. Pour in the coffee, and about 10 minutes later, once the first crack starts, I dropped the temp to about the level 5 mark. the longer roasting time between first and second crack brings out more flavors, I think. After the second crack started, I let it go for about a minute the total time spent roasting was about 15 minutes.

I don't have tasting notes yet for this, But I'll update when I do.

The bag. This is cool cause it's burlap! smokinbeans is a new place I get beans now, it seems to have good beans a little cheaper than some other places

The unroasted beans. This is about a pound

Roasting chamber all ready to go. Note the scientifically designed "agitation flap"

The Final Product


And a closeup. If you look close, you can see very minor color differences in the beans but overall, the color is pretty uniform. And wonderfully dark.

I use the Ball Jar and old spaghetti jars to store and let the coffee Gas Out. Can't wait to open these!

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