Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tarelle: From Buddy Valastro's Cake Boss Cookbook

I am a decent baker, fearless and without boundaries. I will cook anything. I mean anything. But, like all skills, I'm better at some stuff than others. For instance, I'm better at cooking steak on the grill than I am cooking hamburgers. It's just a fact. When I need a hamburger cooked on the grill, I ask Julie. She is amazing with the ground beef!

Bread, I understand. I understand most of the science behind it, I "get" how it's supposed to feel when kneading is just about done. I can fix a failing loaf most of the time.

Cakes and me go waaaay back. From the time I was old enough to stand on a chair and watch, my grandmother would let me help bake the cakes. I still have a very soft spot for a cook lemon bunds cake, even if it is a box cake mix.

 But cookies, I don't always do right. I've had chocolate chip cookies come out half raw, half overlooked on the same cookie sheet. And I've had the "softest cookies in the world, you can't screw these up" come out like hockey pucks.

 So here is my first baking experience from the Cake Boss Cook Book. Tarelles! 
Tarelles like your grandma used to bake!
Julie said these taste just like her grandmother used to bake for her. A few sprinkles make them really pop and next to a cup of home-roasted coffee makes for a delicious tea-time snack!

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